I prepare a specific lesson about the subject you need, while repeating the grammar and the vocabulary.



With Skype, Zoom, Whats'app or Face Time, I give you a private french lesson according to what you need and I send you documents and corrections online.



I organise a lesson that corresponds to the group. 
The interactivity that results is very rewarding for everyone.

At the restaurant

Do a reservation.
Arrive at the restaurant.
Order a dish.
Give your appreciation.
Ask for the bill.

At the hairdresser

Make an appointment.
Ask for a haircut.
Speak with the Hairdresser.
Express your opinion.
Thank. Greet.

At the doctor

Make an appointment.
Express your symptoms.
Ask for a medical advice.
Understand the doctor's explanations.

At the garagist

Make an appointment.
Have the tires change.
Ask for a repair.
Understand the technical informations.

With the teacher

Ask questions to the teacher or to the educator to know how was the day of your chidren.
Understand the infromations that the school teacher gives.

At work

Speak with your colleagues, with your boss.
Lead a meeting.
Answer to the professional questions.
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